Ds has been building a Frankenstein computer

A mixture of old and new parts and came up short three cords that he was going to have to purchase new. He and dh spent one of their rest breaks yesterday searching the web to determine how much purchasing the 3 cords would cost. $21 for three was the number they came up with at Best Buy. Higher than he wanted to pay, but still better than most.
They stopped at Best Buy on the way home to pick up the cables. They nearly had a heart attack when they saw the exact same cables marked $21 each. They stood and discussed it a minute and then decided to “pull a Mom”. They tracked down a salesman and asked him why the cables were triple priced there in the store. Then they used the redflash ap to scan the bar code and show him the price listed . The employee used his own ap and even came up with a lower price $5 each from another source.
Ds said he and his father almost said in unison. “I believe you price match.” The store manager was not amused, but they do have this big sign up that says they price match identical products and the product was identical. They got all three for a total of $15 rather than the over $50 it would have been by the time taxes and such were added in.
Ds was so excited that they had done it he called me as soon as they left the store. He suggests that if you shop at places that do price matching (Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart are the ones that quickly come to mind) you invest in this ap for your smart phone it could just save you big bucks in the future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

All of your responses have been great!I have much to think about and didn’t realize that even if we kept the loans as they are, with Dave’s plan we’d still be done in about four years. That’s a big point to consider since I thought we’d be saving time. My biggest reason for wanting to switch was to get PNC out of the picture since they’re such pains to deal with and our credit union has always been so helpful. The sad part is they can’t take over my car loan for the same or lower interest rate or I’d jump in a second.