We’re in the same boat

I paid off Lowe’s and SS in December thinking we’d be increasing our small snowball by a bunch. Instead it is all going to the SS tax reinstatement. I consoled myself by saying “and how would we have covered that tax if we hadn’t paid off those debts?” At least you and I had the money to absorb the hike. Many, many families do not. You aren’t derailed forever. You have came a long, long ways. And now you have your dh on board to help. You’ll find it will all work out. Just have some patience and stick with the plan. Jan who had to wade through her own financial frustration last week and made it all come together by the end of the week in OK

Well I was so excited

that DH was finally getting it. We had small sinking funds that were growing monthly and being used for what they were needed. We have the BEF up and safely tucked away. We are able to make all the bills on time. Today I find out that the Social Security change will cut 400 from hubby’s pay, which is the entire snowball.
If I could get a job I would. Unfortunately the kids are 11 and 13 and too immature to leave alone yet. And the childcare center here all stop at 10 to 12 yrs, so my youngest could go but my 13 yr old could not. They have youth centers on the base but they allow the kids to come and go at will. So my available hours are only during the school day, our school has random Weds when they get out at noon. Some months they do not, some its 1 or 2, some its every Weds. Now the kids stay late for club and if they ride the bus they get home late enough I could almost get a job til 5 pm but if the teacher that oversees the club is out or something they cancel that club with no notice to the parents. I even called the other day to verify that the clubs were running & my youngest can home at 330 since his club was cancelled. On top of that are all the appts for their ADHD and whatnot, we are changing meds so they have to go once or twice a month.
Then there is the fact that I am a military spouse so I can not count on my hubby getting the time to handle any issues with the kids, so if they are sick, have an appt, whatever I must handle it myself. Also the docs we have to see for the ADHD only see the kids between 7 am and 2 pm, so I have to pull the kids from school & leave work for those as well. Grrr. Most everything in this area I could do would be part time with crazy hours. They want you to work on the weekends or 2nd or 3rd shift. Which would be okay if I knew my hubby would be home, but they decide that oh we are going to do work all weekend or darn we need to stay til 9 pm to finish up this project or anything random like that. For example the other day they were suppose to get off at the normal 5 pm when I talked to hubby at 430, he still wasn’t home at 8, and when I texted him to see if he was stuck in traffic, nope still at work. That’s standard not odd. Though the military generally have Physical Training in the morning from 5 til 8, then have to be at work by 9 and off about 5, they could and do expect you to show up at the drop of a hat. If you have kids you better have a plan if what to do with them.

Im just so beyond frustrated right now. Finally we were making progress, now it looks like we will be derailed forever.