Just getting started – need some direction

I am just starting this process and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and I am in need of some help. I have some student loans, and a myriad of other debts (credit cards, personal loans, etc).

First – I work freelance, so income is incrediby variable! Lately it’s been around $3,000-$4,000 monthly. Some months better, some worse. I just have so much trouble budgeting on a variable income.

And on my debts I have credit cards and loans – I don’t know how to prioritize them, and I know I can just let the credit card collectors call me till they’re blue in the face and work things out with them as I go, but what about the loans?? How does that even work?

Here’s an embarrassing list of my debts:


Student loan 1 – 3,398.32
Student loan 2 – 7,182.79
Credit union personal loan 1 – 2,712.11
Credit union personal loan 2 – 4,826.19
One Main personal loan – 7,742.34


Discover card (account still open and active) – 1,897.17
Wells Fargo (account closed) – 3,309.08
Target (account about to be closed) – 2,083.66
TJX (account closed) – 1,381.51
Synchrony card (account still open and active) – 1,305
Helzberg (account still open and active) – 2,266.17
Paypal credit (account still open and active) – 1,890.73
Amazon credit (account still open and active) – 1,474.78

As far as my expenses here they are:

Mortgage payment – $1,200
Average water/sewer bill – $50
Average electric bill – $150
Average gas bill – $30
Car insurance – $60
(no car payment its paid off)
Monthly car fuel for work etc – $50-100 – very inconsistent depending on work
Internet (needed for work) – $90
(no cable tv)
(no phone – i use google voice and wifi)

How would you all tackle this??

Thanks for any tips. Almost cathartic getting it all out though lol – I feel like I just admitted that there’s a problem.