After all the turmoil this week

of the sudden pay day change things settled down as a plan started falling into place.
They guys continued to work hard on getting the office done and actually got “Frankenstein” up and running. There is still a lot to install programwise and such, but “It’s alive!” The decluttering is at one of those points that we all dread. Due to a lot of furniture re-arranging and such the place actually looks worse than it did when they started this weekend, but that is mainly because I’ve not done the “pretty up” and all that is living has not been hauled off yet.
I belong to several “loyalty” card programs for various restaurants in the area and as a result my email box filled up this last week or so with “free food” offers. After going through them and checking to see what was on my various cards we chose Genghis Grill for my birthday dinner. The three of us ate dinner for $10 including a brownie after all the freebies were collected. Heck we could have barely made it at home for that and the best part—no dishes!
At the Christmas Party dh had won a 10 piece Armorall car detailing kit as a door prize. We do not detail the truck, so he traded with the guy who won the free standing patio fireplace which we would all much rather have. The guy has a vintage Mustang that he keeps very detailed so we were all happy with the trade.
Dh took the truck in for the appraisal from where the gal “hit Santa Claus” in Michael’s parking lot just before Christmas and Farmer’s paid out immediately. It will go to the body shop we use later on this week for their appraisal to see if the two match up. Farmer’s has already cut the check, but dh has not cashed it just in case there is a difference in amounts.
That’s the short version of the weekend, I’ll put the rest in a blog post later this week.