If you feel mature enough

to live on his own in a home you own off campus then possibly IF the math is right. But you would still need to take in to consideration things like: Insurance
Fuel to and from campus
Campus parking—it’s generally higher for commuters than those living on campus living.

The need for a vehicle if he lives off campus which then means repairs, insurance etc on that. Trust me the buses never run on the same schedule as the classes and it always rains if he plans on biking, and bikes are stolen on a daily basis on college campus—we lost three between the two kids and they had supposedly un breakable chains and locks on them.

The temptation to have “just a little party” even if it’s not him, but his friends.

Also, I know ds was far better about getting to classes on time while he lived on campus than when he moved off campus. DD left college mid term her sophomore year because the stress was too much on her. As an adult she went back to college—paying her own way in cash as she went and became phi beta kappa with straight A’s the hiatus did her a world of good.