Last time I check in Dec

they were not hiring anything full time and there are enough unemployed fully trained teachers that they get priority for the teaching sub AND aid type position. I unfortunately have no useful education.
I would love to go back to school to get something but we just can not afford it right now. Sucks big time. I tried to get seasonal stuff at Walmart & Target type stores hoping those could be part time after they see I can do that job but no they have so many people that are dying to work they schedule you 1st shift today, 3rd shift tomorrow, then off then 2nd shift. Its crazy I guess if I really NEEDED a job to eat or hubby had a set schedule then it might be worth it but its just too crazy right now.
I tried the military commissary and shopping center but they would only give me 15 hours a week and I had to be on call, what the heck for a grocery storeā€¦ but yes they said that.
I would like to say its easy or there is something good but not right now. However I am looking into something crafty.