Im living on a military base

so we would have to have our house approved by the base & then I have to take a class. There is also a limit as to the amount of in home on base childcare allowed. Since this is a smaller base the limit is low. Then there is the thing that most of the people that want child care want crazy hours. For example physical training starts at 6 so I would have to be able to take a child as early as 5 am and keep them as late as 9 pm, although some do offer overnight care that’s a little too much for us as we don’t have a lot of space. The house is 1400 sq ft with 3 bedrooms. I could only have 3 kids and the base sets the amount I can charge at 6 per child per hour and I can have the USDA supplement some of my food money if I shop separately and serve approved meals & snacks. That also allows them to inspect my home at any time for food & health concerns, kinda like a health inspector at a restaurant. They say you can set your own hours but people I know that have set their hours say 7 am til 5 pm don’t have a lot of older kids. So I could go with the younger crowd and have 1 infant and up to 3 additional kids as long as my 2 are in school. But then when mine come home I can only have a total of 3 extras. I have thought of doing a drop in type thing when Im available a set of hours and then people that are going to docs appt and such can come for just a few hours here and there but that would really cause me to sit and wait and maybe or maybe not have kids. We have cats and we would have to lock them in a separate room while kids are here as it’s a rule, no animals around the kids, this prevents biting and is a safety issue. I believe bases can set their own rules on some childcare but this base has that rule.
If I did full time type stuff I would have a problem for the kids appts since I can never get them at the same time or same day. Sometimes I can not even get them both in on the same day. And hubby has enough stress at work that having extra kids is just too much for him so they would have to be gone by 5 and that’s not realistic when most people don’t get off til 5. LOL.
I’ve also thought about doing a nanny type thing when I would go to their home from like 8 til 6 but then I have the problem with my kids being alone if the parents get home late. Also when would my errands and stuff get cleaned. So many variables.