I know I responded earlier but somehow my message got lost in cyber space

Why not check out jobs in the local school system such as secretary, teacher’s aide, cafeteria worker, etc. These jobs usually allow the worker to work school hours or pretty close. Oftentimes you get personal days or vacation days to take care of doctor’s appointments etc. Quite possibly you could get a position that lets you work school hours, thus cutting out childcare costs.

You could also try in home day care, including before and after school care. That way you can still be home with your kids. There is a lady in our church who keeps only teacher’s kids so by about 3:30 her day is done. She has someone help her so she takes one weekday off to do errands, appointments, etc. I am not sure if that person is there every day or just on her day off. This lady has done it so long she has quite a good reputation. From what I understand she is at capacity all the time. This option cuts out any childcare you would have to pay for your kids.

I am just trying to come up with ideas to fill in the gaps due to the extra ss outgo.