I guess this is part of homework

I was just looking at my Lifelock account at my credit history.

I still have a “good” score. There are no “good reasons” for my scores 675, 714 and 7140—nothing listed as a good reason whatsoever. However there are several negatives. Kind of the things DR might see on his but my balance sheet certainly is not as generous as his. All the negative stems from getting out of debt. Only exception to that is our mortgage. All the reasons they list as negative are actually good reasons I guess. It means we are doing something right to have gotten out of debt.

Here are all the “negative” reasons:
Lack of sufficient relevant account information.
The date that you opened your oldest account is too recent. (Most recent is mortgage from 2011.)
No open accounts in your credit file.
No open real estate accounts in your credit file.
You have either very few loans or too many loans with delinquencies. (Only the mortgage.)
Lack of sufficient credit history.

I am the owner of a legally registered business, an R-corp, I believe. I am wondering how this affects the future of my business. Our business operates on the DR philosophy as well. We do have accounts with vendors with terms but nothing is financed.