Hi all, I wanted to say Welcome as well

The previous posts have given good recommendations; I would only add that you may want to check out some of Dave Ramsey’s books (if you haven’t already). The Total Money Makeover book is a good one, and the Financial Peace University series is great if you like workshop-type environments. Either/both of those sources will help you put your situation (which BTW is extremely common), into a “big picture” so that you have a sense of where you are vs where you want to be. Both the book and the series will also give you concrete programs for getting from Point A to Point B. We frequently talk here about “being on the VB road”, because we’re all at different stages of getting from wherever we started, to wherever we have set as our financial goals. You’re in good company on that road, even if you’re not sure of some of the details yet. So check out either the book or the class if you’d like “the rest of the story” for the recommendations we’re making. And again, Welcome!