I’ll take a quick stab at this

Congrats on waking up and starting to pay attention! Most people never do that, and wonder where all their money went.

First – close all the credit cards immediately. Yes, ALL of them. You don’t need them – you make plenty of money. Second, make a written budget based on the lowest amount you expect to take home in a month. If $3000 is the lowest you bring home, use that.
Make sure you can pay your ‘4 walls’:Food, shelter, transportation, and utilities. You didn’t list a food category in your expenses, but the rest totals up to $1680 per month expenses. Let’s say $200 for food, so a total of $1880. That leaves you $1120 for debt service and savings. What are your minimum payments on your debt. If they all total to less than $1120, then you can work this. In that case, take everything you can squeeze out of the budget and put towards your baby emergency fund(BEF). Most psople start out with $1000 or so. This fund helps you not panic if your fridge goes out, or you need to fix your car, etc. If your payments are over that $1120, then you have a problem. Look in the files section of this group for a test file called “letter to cc.txt. It basically says “I’m over-extended financially, trying to avoid bankruptcy, and can you help me out with balance or monthly payments?” Customize it for your specific situation, and send it to all of your creditors. Those that give you a break on terms get put in the first group to pay. Those that don’t get moved to the bottom of the list.
I’m also going to suggest 2 things. One, look here for a description of the Baby Steps: http://www.daveramsey.com/baby-steps/?snid=start.steps
That is the plan for getting out of debt and staying out. Two, find a copy of The Total Money Makeover at your local library, and study it. This is the detailed explanation of how it all works. Feel free to ask specific questions here as you go along. Also, if you can post your debt payments we may be able to help you prioritize there as well.